DevOps Engineer

Located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Full Time

Financial services



AWS Certified Jenkins CI/CD Docker Lambda


Role and Responsibilities

  • Monitoring of infrastructure and end user activities
  • Managing cloud user ADs and G-Suite products
  • Maintaining and Deploying Server less Architectures
  • Demonstrates an automation focused mindset
  • Availability for any business critical issues

Core Competencies

We are looking for an individual who is entrepreneurial in spirit and will be willing to drive initiatives and deliver on projects with minimal intervention with a strong sense of responsibility and ownership. True to our core principles, the ideal candidate should be able to work effectively in a high-octane environment and leverage domain expertise to support the growth of the firm. Empathy and the passion towards solving a problem for the ‘next billion’ underbanked, underserved Indians is what drives the Jai Kisan team and is a quality we expect in every member. 


Some of the core skill sets that would be expected:

  • AWS Certification - Solution Architect Associate (Mandatory)
  • Expertise in Serverless Architectures with Lambda, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, EventBridge, ECR, ECS, Cloudwatch, S3, etc.
  • TCP and HTTPS protocols
  • Knowledge and exposure to the VPC(Virtual Private Cloud) environment.
  • Building and Deploying fault tolerant architectures.
  • Exposure to ISMS guidelines.
  • Container tools like Docker
  • Able to setup CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins, Github Actions, AWS CI/CD tools.
  • Expertise in Virtual Cloud networking (creating subnets and CIDR ranges).
  • Able to quickly understand and navigate through and integrate different cloud services.
  • Expertise in building fault tolerant architectures and architecture with redundancies.
Jaikisan at a glance
  • Team of >500 people
  • Located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India
About Jaikisan
OUR VISION: Jai Kisan was founded with the vision of making financial inclusion a reality for rural individuals and businesses. Jai Kisan today provides digital financial services starting with credit for online and offline, income generating, rural commerce transactions. THE PROBLEM WE ARE SOLVING: Informal credit by the merchant or seller is an expectation for customers and not a value-added service in rural India. Lack of formalized credit poses a dire and imperative challenge for rural businesses to grow. WHAT WE DO: Jai Kisan has leveraged the captive relationship between the business and the farmer and rural individuals in a B2B2C manner to deploy credit to farmers and rural individuals en masse in a sustainable manner working with 700+ organized and unorganized entities in the space with a cumulative customer base of over 1.5 lakh rural individuals including farmers. By empowering rural businesses through point-of-sale/purchase credit, Jai-Kisan has helped create scalability for rural businesses and helps deploy low-cost formal credit to farmers and other rural individuals. OUR INVESTORS: Jai Kisan has raised US $30mn in Series A funding led by Mirae Asset with participation from Syngenta Group Ventures, existing investors and others, prior to this, Jai Kisan had raised US$ 4mn in a pre-Series A funding round led by Arkam Ventures. Also joining in the round was NABVENTURES — the VC arm of Indian development finance institution (DFI), the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in its first-ever private investment. WHO WORKS AT JAI KISAN: The Jai Kisan team is dedicated towards executing our mission and is passionate towards supporting the transformation of rural India. An entrepreneurial attitude and passion to drive results are core values we seek in every member of our team. Our team comes with varied industry experiences from experienced product builders to industries such as private equity, management consultancy and much more. We pride ourselves on having a dedicated professional team focused on building world class solutions to deliver sustainable financing to rural India.
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